CITI Training


What is CITI? The Collaborative IRB Training Initiative Program (CITI) is a leading online training program maintained by the University of Miami. It offers curricula in human subjects research, animal research, and the responsible conduct of research. If you are a first-time CITI user, you may wish to contact the IRB offices for help getting started.

Who has to take CITI? The training requirement applies to anyone conducting human subjects research activities at Emory. This means anyone working directly with human subjects or with identifiable data or biological specimens for research purposes under Emory University auspices. Investigators, research nurses, coordinators, students, technicians working with identifiable data, and faculty advisors would all need to obtain CITI certification.

As each institution tailors the CITI program to meet their own needs and expectations, Emory does not accept all certifications from other institutions; however, there is currently a policy to allow certifications from CHOA, Morehouse College, Georgia Tech, and the VA.  All study personnel who are not affiliated with Emory, or one of these other four institutions, must pass the Emory CITI training course.

Which CITI course do I have to take? This will depend on your study area and activities.  In general, y ou must take either the biomedical or sociobehavioral training course, whichever is the most appropriate for your type of research. Please, see this chart for more information:

Type of study and role


Biomed CITI


1. Clinical trial (CT) study: coordinators and investigators with active roles (recruitment, interventions)




2. CT study: personnel not responsible for study conduct nor interacting or intervening with subjects (e.g. data entry, statistician), and all personnel when study is in data analysis only




3. CT socio-behavioral ancillary study personnel (e.g. quality of life measures, or novel consent methods…), with no physical interventions




4. Chart Reviews (a.k.a. medical record reviews)




5. Secondary data or specimen analyses, repositories, registry studies




6. Psychology studies, any socio-behavioral studies involving deception, or child behavior studies




7. Studies as in (6) above, if they involve biomedical components, e.g. fMRI, or saliva collection to study cortisol levels


Not required but recommended


8. Purely observational studies of any kind ( no study-driven procedures)




9. Public Health Studies (when none of above categories apply)




Note: Please, do not confuse the Biomedical Course with the "Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research" course.  The latter is not required by the Emory IRB and will not count towards your training requirements.  For more information about what courses you need to take, please see the guidance above entitled " Step-by-Step Guidance for Selecting Required Courses and Obtaining a CITI Account".

Additional courses are available, but are not required.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course is required,for all study personnel who take part in FDA-regulated clinical trials. In addition, it is required for NIH sponsored-clinical trials  per their policy. For additional information, please go to our Clinical Research Training page.

How long is my certification effective? For any researcher on an Emory study, CITI certification is good for three years. CITI offers refresher courses for recertification. Please go to our  Clinical Research Training page for more information.  The IRB will not accept CITI certifications that expire within one month of study expiration.  For example, if the study expires on 3/19/2018, the study team certification should be valid up to 4/19/2018.  The IRB staff cannot move forward new study or continuing review submission without CITI training from study members.  For continuing review submissions, our IRB staff may assist in removing study members who are no longer part of the study, although the study membership should be updated during the year to prevent noncompliance.  Before continuing review submissions, we recommend to review your research personnel list to ensure that 1)eIRB only has current members listed in the submission, and 2) to ask current study staff to provide updated CITI training certificates to prevent delays in review.

GCP-ICH training is required every three years for NIH funded clinical trials.  

What if I have a CITI account through another institution, and want to certify for Emory (or vice-versa)? To transfer your completed modules from another institution to the new institution, follow the instructions below:

Note: If you have the relevant CITI certification, within the past 3 years, from Morehouse, CHOA, Georgia Tech, or the VA, you do not need to take any further action, as Emory IRB accepts those trainings. Otherwise proceed with the following instructions:

  1. Log on to your CITI account and click on the "Affiliate with another institution" link.
  2. Choose the new institution from the drop-down menu. When prompted, answer "Yes" to "Do you need to take a required training course in human subjects protection at [new institution's name]?"
  3. Select the same Learner Group (Biomedical Research or Social and Behavioral Research) for the coursework that you completed at the previous institution. Complete any modules the new institution requires, that your former institution did not.

The modules will automatically be listed as "complete" or "incomplete." To view your course completion history, follow the link to the CITI Course Completion Report.

What if I have inadvertently created two (or more) accounts in CITI? Which one should I use? This can be an issue because when we check your CITI, we might check an out-of-date account and not notice that you are certified under a different account. It's best to have just one account of record.

In order to merge multiple accounts into just one CITI Program account, please send an e-mail to and include the following information:

  • Your first and last name.
  • The name of your institution.
  • The Member ID for the account to KEEP (in other words, the account with the most up-to-date information).
  • The Member ID for the account to merge. It is IMPORTANT to make sure you have correctly identified which account you want to keep and which you want to merge.
For further assistance please contact the CITI Program help desk at (305) 907-3100 or e-mail them at