Meeting Schedule

The following schedule applies to applications requiring IRB review at a fully convened meeting, not to those eligible for expedited review.  Expedited reviews are conducted on a rolling basis, as are determinations of exemption and non-human subjects research.

Regular Meeting Schedule

Committees A & B
Committee C
Committee Q
Unanticipated Problems 
Meets 6x/month:
Every Wednesday
2nd Thursday
4th Tuesday

Starts at 4 PM
Meets 1x/month:
1st Friday

Starts at 12 PM
Meets 1x/month:
3rd Thursday

Starts at 4 PM

November 2017 Revised Holiday Schedule

asterisk (*) denotes a rescheduled meeting

Date Day Panel
11/1 Wednesday B1
11/8 Wednesday A1
11/9 Thursday B2
11/13* Monday A3
11/15 Wednesday  A2
11/16 Thursday Q
11/28 Tuesday B3

December 2017 Revised Holiday Schedule

asterisk (*) denotes a rescheduled meeting

Date Day Panel
12/4* Monday A3
12/6 Wednesday B1
12/12* Tuesday B3
12/13 Wednesday  A1
12/14 Thursday B2
12/20 Wednesday  A2
12/21 Thursday Q