Staff & Members

Name Title
Clifford Gunthel, MD Co-Chair
Aryeh Stein, PhD Co-Chair
Jill Perry-Smith, PhD Vice Chair, Sociobehavioral Committee C
Larry Tune, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee A1
Carlton Dampier, MD Vice-Chair, Biomedical Committee A2
Susan Ray, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee A3
Clifford Gunthel, MD Co-Chair, Biomedical Committee B1
Amelia Langston, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee B2
Ann Haight, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee B3
Name Title Phone
Rebecca Rousselle, BA, CIP Director (404) 712-0785
Maria Davila, MD, MA (Bioethics),CCRC, CIP Associate Director (404) 712-0724
Carol Corkran, MPH, CIP Assistant Director  (404) 712-8545
Shara Karlebach, WHNP-BC, CIP
Assistant Director (404) 712-0727
Julie Martin, RN, CCRC Assistant Director (404) 712-0218

For complaints, please call any member of the Staff Leadership or Education/QA team.  Alternatively, call us at our toll free number at 1-877-503-9797.

All analysts process both biomedical and sociobehavioral studies, but those with a more sociobehavioral focus are denoted by "SHB"

Name Title Phone
Brandy Covington, BBA, CIP Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-9721
Regina Drake, MDiv, CIP Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (Cmte meetings focus) (404) 712-0792
Sam Roberts, BA Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (SHB/Pub Health focus) (404) 712-0761
Daniel Roysden, PhD Sr. Research Protocol Analyst, VA Studies only (404) 712-9749
Maria-Gracia Beltran, BA Research Protocol Analyst (SHB focus) (404) 712-8549
Anisha Easley, MPH Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-8548
Ariele Edwards, MPH Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-1837
Ashton Hughes, BA Research Protocol Analyst (404) 727-3508
Jackson E. Parker, CIP Research Protocol Analyst (404) 727-1674
Parul Reddy, BS Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-0702
Emilie Scheffer, BS Research Protocol Analyst (SHB focus) (404) 712-0736
Sara Choe, BA Analyst Assistant (renewals and WIRB/CIRB) (404) 712-6596
Amaree Lawrence, MS Analyst Assistant (renewals and WIRB/CIRB) (404) 712-0738
Reonna Taylor, BS, MPH Analyst Assistant (renewals and WIRB/CIRB) (404) 712-0216
Heather Yates, BS, MPH Analyst Assistant (renewals and WIRB/CIRB) (404) 712-7624
Name Title Phone
Jessica Blackburn, BS
QA and Education Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-9698
Clarissa Dupree, BS QA and Education Analyst Assistant (404) 727-8864

For complaints, please call any member of the Education/QA team or call us at our toll free number at 1-877-503-9797

Hannah Helmstetter, JD Reliance Specialist (404) 727-8485
* = Denotes a VA-Affiliated Member
^ = Denotes an Emory IRB Co-Chair or Vice-Chair
B = Biomedical Committee A
S = Sociobehavioral Committee C
Name Degree(s) Expertise Committee
Bloom, Heather* MD Cardiology B
Dampier, Carlton^ MD Pediatrics, Hematology, Sickle Cell B
Hutton, William DSc Orthopedics, Biomechanics B
Oakes, Lisa MS Genetics B
Stein, Aryeh^ PhD Public Health, Nutrition S
Charen, Krista MPH Genetics B
Lutz, Jerre MD Cardiology B
Nguyen, Minh MD Infectious Disease B
Olson, Darin* MD Endocrinology B
Oprea, Gabriela MD Pathology B
Slesnick, Timothy MD Pediatrics, Cardiology B
Laney, Dawn MS, CGC Genetics B
Ray, Susan^ MD Infectious Disease B
Sharma, Prem PhD Microbiology, HIV B
Ziemer, David MD, MPH Endocrinology B
Gonzalez, Natalie JD Public Health Law B
Gunthel, Clifford^ MD Infectious Disease, Oncology, HIV B
Mavromatis, Kreton* MD Cardiology B
Myers, Sarah* PhD Gerontology B
El-Rayes, Bassel MD Oncology B
Giangiacomo, Annette MD Ophthalmology, Glaucoma B
Huban, Sarah Marie MA Research Ethics, CHOA IRB Manager B
Langston, Amelia^ MD Hematology & Oncology B
Surati, Minal PharmD Oncology Pharmacist B
Brown, Milton PhD Pediatric Endocrinology B
Galt, James PhD Radiology B
Garrett, Katherine MPH, CCRC, ELS Pediatrics, Oncology B
Haight, Ann^ MD Pediatrics, Hematology & Oncology B
Karpen, Heidi MD Pediatrics, Neonatology B
Moanna, Abeer* MD Infectious Disease B
Ali, Nadia PhD Health Psychology S
Perry-Smith, Jill^ PhD Business Management S
Rilling, James PhD Anthropology, Neuroimaging S
Rochat, Roger MD Reproductive Health, Epidemiology S
Banja, John PhD Bioethics, Philosophy B
Deane, Laura BSN, RN Risk Management, Malpractice B
Huckaby, Jeryl MS, CCRC, RRT Pediatrics, Cardiology & Pulmonology B
Tune, Larry^ MD Psychiatry, Neurology, Quips B
Wilson, Peter* MD Cardiology B
Ackerman, Jeremy MD, PhD Emergency Medicine, Medical Technology B
Baio, Kim MSN, RN Cardiothoracic Clinical Research B
Hendrick, Andrew MD, PhD Ophthalmology, Retinology B
Kaplow, Roberta RN, PhD, AOCNS, CCNS, CCRN  Oncology, Critical Care S
Mapp, Kurlissa RN, MSN Hematology & Oncology B
Padala, Muralidhar PhD, MS Bioengineering B
Norrholm, Seth* PhD Neuroscience, PTSD B
Owonikoko, Taofeek MD Hematology & Oncology B
Wittig-Wells, Deborah RN, PhD Othropedics, Sociology B
Freeman, Alvin "Jay" MD Peds Gastroenterology B
Luan, Jean BS Genetics B
Kuerston, Rich MBA (PhD Candidate) Business, Research Adm-Neurology B
Lin, Jolinta MD Radiation Oncology B
Roberts, Kofi PharmD, RPH Pharmacy B
Cai, Hui* MD Nephrology B
Scheithauer, Mindy PhD Psychologist, Pediatric (Marcus and CHOA) B
Paplomata, Elisavet MD Oncology (Breast Cancer) B
Gottschalk, Michael MD Orthopedic Surgery B
Bauser-Heaton, Holly MD Pediatrics Cardiology B
Carpentieri, Cynthia MPH Clinical Coordinator IV, Infectious Diseases B
Britan Lang, Laura* MPH VA, Clinical Trial Coordination/Rehabilitation, MPH B
Baker, Brenda RNC, PhD School of Nursing (Obstretrics) B
Schlafer, Danielle PharmD Winship B
Shaib, Walid MD Hematology and Medical Oncology B
Benator, Sarah JD Healthcare Adm Law/Public Health S
Roemer, Mary JD/MPH Law B
El Osta, Badi* MD VA, Oncology B
Nooka, Ajay MD Hematology and Public Health B
Antun, Ana MD Hematology and Oncology B
Blasingame, Jay BBA Operational Management B
Browne, Irene PhD Sociology, Women & Gender Studies S
Gaddh, Manila MD Hematology B
Havlak, Russ MS Consent/Assent; Epidemiology; Community B
Yildirim, Inci* MD Pediatric Infectious Disease B
Parker, Monica Willis MD Neurology, Community, Underserved B
Patterson, Martha BA Research Compliance B
Posid, Joe MPH B
Peyton, Madeline CIP IRBs (Piedmont Hospital IRB) B
Rotter, Marty BA Human Services Administration S
Saunders, Patrick BA Community Views, Journalism B
Steuer, Conor MD Oncology B
Travis, Lisa MS Clinical Informationist B
Craig, Charles MAB Bioethics S
Levy, Joshua MD Otolaryngology B
Gullatte, Mary PhD, RN Nursing Administration, Oncology, Nursing B
Treadway, Michael PhD Psychology S