Staff & Members

Name Title
Clifford Gunthel, MD Co-Chair
Aryeh Stein, PhD Co-Chair
Jill Perry-Smith, PhD Vice Chair, Sociobehavioral Committee C
Larry Tune, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee A1
Carlton Dampier, MD Vice-Chair, Biomedical Committee A2
Susan Ray, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee A3
Clifford Gunthel, MD Co-Chair, Biomedical Committee B1
Amelia Langston, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee B2
Ann Haight, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee B3
Rebecca Rousselle, BA, CIP Director (404) 712-0785
Name Title Phone
Michael Deryck, BS, CIP Team Lead, Operations Manager (404) 712-0782
Carol Corkran, MPH, CIP Team Lead* (404) 712-8545
Brandy Covington, BBA, CIP Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-9721
Regina Drake, MDiv, CIP Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-0792
Leslie Garrett, BA, BS, CIP Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-0218
Sam Roberts, BA, CIP Sr. Research Protocol Analyst* (404) 712-0761
Daniel Roysden, PhD Sr. Research Protocol Analyst, VA Studies (404) 712-9749
Steven Anzalone, MS, CIP Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-0216
Anisha Easley, MPH Research Protocol Analyst* (404) 712-8548
Jackson E. Parker, CIP Research Protocol Analyst (404) 727-1674
Will Smith, MPH Research Protocol Analyst* (404) 712-0736
Jennifer Truell, MA, MPH Research Protocol Analyst* (404) 712-0738
Micole Hasan, BS Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-6596
Maria-Gracia Beltran, BA Analyst Assistant (404) 712-8549
Parul Reddy, BS Analyst Assistant (404) 712-0702 
Emilie Scheffer, BS Analyst Assistant (404) 712-0766
Name Title Phone
Maria Davila, MD, CCRC, CIP
Team Lead, QA and Education Consultant (404) 712-0724
Shara Karlebach, WHNP-BC, CIP QA and Education Consultant (404) 712-0727
Jessica Baker, BS
QA and Education Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-9698
Clarissa Dupree, BS QA and Education Analyst Assistant (404) 727-8864

For complaints, please call any member of the Education/QA team or call us at our toll free number at 1-877-503-9797

* = Denotes a VA-Affiliated Member
^ = Denotes an Emory IRB Co-Chair or Vice-Chair

Name Degree(s) Expertise
Bellcross, Cecelia PhD, MS, CGC Genetics, Public Health
Bibb, Audrey MS Genetics
Bloom, Heather* MD Cardiology
Dampier, Carlton^ MD Pediatrics, Hematology, Sickle Cell
Eaton, Molly MD Infectious Disease
Hepburn, Kenneth PhD Nursing Practice, Geriatrics
Hutton, William DSc Orthopedics, Biomechanics
Lindon, Lovette PhD Emergency Medicine
Posid, Joe MPH Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Stein, Aryeh^ PhD Public Health, Nutrition
Charen, Krista MPH Genetics
Lutz, Jerre MD Cardiology
Nguyen, Minh MD Infectious Disease
Olson, Darin* MD Endocrinology
Oprea, Gabriela MD Pathology
Pritchett, Sharon MPH Public Health
Schlumper, Lauren MS Psychology, Research Admin
Shu, Hui-Kuo MD, PhD Radiation Oncology
Slesnick, Timothy MD Pediatrics, Cardiology
Baughman, Wendy* MSPH Epidemiology
Hilinski, Joseph MD Pediatrics, Infectious Disease
Laney, Dawn MS, CGC Genetics
Ray, Susan^ MD Infectious Disease
Saba, Nabil MD Hematology & Oncology
Sharma, Prem* PhD Microbiology, HIV
Ziemer, David MD, MPH Endocrinology
Freedle, Karen MD Pediatrics, Immunology
Gonzalez, Natalie JD Public Health Law
Gunthel, Clifford^ MD Infectious Disease, Oncology, HIV
Mavromatis, Kreton* MD Cardiology
Myers, Sarah* PhD Gerontology
Rossi, Michael PhD Genetics
Smallwood, Greg PharmD Pediatric Pharmacist
Wong, Paul PhD Ophthalmology
El-Rayes, Bassel MD Oncology
Giangiacomo, Annette MD Ophthalmology, Glaucoma
Huban, Sarah Marie MA Research Ethics, CHOA IRB Manager
Kucuk, Omer MD Hematology & Oncology
Langston, Amelia^ MD Hematology & Oncology
Shin, Dong MD Hematology & Oncology
Surati, Minal PharmD Oncology Pharmacist
Brown, Milton PhD Pediatric Endocrinology
Galt, James PhD Radiology
Garrett, Katherine MPH, CCRC, ELS Pediatrics, Oncology
Haddad, Lisa MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Haight, Ann^ MD Pediatrics, Hematology & Oncology
Hutchinson, Jennifer MSN, RN Pediatrics, Intensive Care
Karpen, Heidi MD Pediatrics, Neonatology
Moanna, Abeer* MD Infectious Disease
Sharp, William PhD Pediatric Psychology, Autism
Young, Andrew MD, PhD Clinical Pathology
Ali, Nadia PhD Health Psychology
Perry-Smith, Jill^ PhD Business Management
Rilling, James PhD Anthropology, Neuroimaging
Rochat, Roger MD Reproductive Health, Epidemiology
Shapiro, Susan PhD, RN Adult Health, Nursing Practice
Banja, John PhD Bioethics, Philosophy
Deane, Laura BSN, RN Risk Management, Malpractice
Huckaby, Jeryl MS, CCRC, RRT Pediatrics, Cardiology & Pulmonology
Shane, Andi MD, MSc, MPH Pediatrics, Infectious Disease
Tanner, Alice PhD, MS, CGC Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Tune, Larry^ MD Psychiatry, Neurology, Quips
Wilson, Peter* MD Cardiology
Ackerman, Jeremy MD, PhD Emergency Medicine, Medical Technology
Baio, Kim MSN, RN Cardiothoracic Clinical Research
Bearss, Karen PhD Clinical Pyschology, Autism
Bhatti, Pamela PhD Biomedical Engineering
Hendrick, Andrew MD, PhD Ophthalmology, Retinology
Kaplow, Roberta RN, PhD, AOCNS, CCNS, CCRN  Oncology, Critical Care
Kim, Dennis MD, PhD Pediatrics, Cardiology
Loucks, Tammy MPH, DrPH Epidemiology, Gynecology & Obstetrics
Mapp, Kurlissa RN, MSN Hematology & Oncology
Padala, Muralidhar PhD, MS Bioengineering
Norrholm, Seth PhD Neuroscience, PTSD
Owonikoko, Taofeek MD Hematology & Oncology
Wittig-Wells, Deborah RN, PhD Othropedics, Sociology
Shroff, Sagar MD Gastroenterology
Avery, Dina MS, DHSc Oncology
Smith, Cynthia JD Law
Craig, Charles MAB Bioethics