Study Staff Change

As of 4/11/2014, some changes to personnel on IRB studies may be done via this web form rather than a full amendment. Please review the following guidelines to know if this tool may be used for your request.  

Please note, full board and expedited studies should notify the IRB of all staff changes; however, exempt studies do not need to provide such notice.

Who on the study may request staff changes?

  • Investigators (Co- and Prinicipal)
  • Coordinators

What changes may be requested?

  • Adding/Removing coordinators and "other study staff" (per eIRB)
  • Adding Co-Investigators
  • Removing Co-Investigators on minimal risk studies. Note that you do not need an Emory or CHOA email in order to remove non-Emory or non-CHOA personnel.

What changes still require amendments?

  • Any change of Principal Investigator
  • Removal of a Co-Investigator on more than minimal risk studies
  • Addition or Removal of non-Emory study staff, beyond CHOA staff.
  • Adding any study personnel with a financial conflict of interest

Requirements to be added to a study:

VA Studies

  • Use this  form for changes in study personnel for VA studies

Additional requirements for Emory (and certain CHOA) personnel being added to clinical trials:

If your request meets these criteria, please click the button below: