Study Staff Change

  • If you wish to add personnel to your study, this tool can only be used for adding Emory or CHOA personnel; adding collaborators from other institutions must be done via an eIRB amendment.
  • If you wish to remove personnel from your study: you may use this tool per the guidelines below. I.e., an amendment is not required to remove non-Emory personnel unless they are co-investigators on more than minimal risk studies.
  • Note: Non-Emory, non-CHOA collaborators with sponsored accounts, who are being added to the “Emory” personnel sections in order to have read/write privileges, must still be added via amendment, not this tool.
  • New Emory staff must have an active eIRB account to be added to studies. (Instructions: Text/ Video)
  • Only current Investigators or Coordinators can submit staff change requests.
  • This tool may NOT be used for any studies in which the VA is a site.
Action: Add New Personnel
Change Role of Existing Personnel
Remove Personnel
IRB Study Number(s):
e.g. 21423; 38449; 27142
Personnel Name(s):
Multiple names may be listed ONLY IF identical in action, role, AND training.

Please use legal names.
Personnel Email(s):
If you need to add Non-Emory personnel who are not affiliated with CHOA, an amendment must be submitted in eIRB because an IAA may be required between Emory and the IRB of the other institution.
New Role:
or current role if removing
Includes research fellows acting as investigators
Includes study nurses and research fellows acting as coordinators on clinical trials)
Study Nurse not acting as coordinator*
Research Fellow not acting as investigator or coordinator on clinical trial*
Data analysis only
Other Emory Personnel (please describe the role below)

Please explain the role.
CHOA Personnel Without an eIRB Account
*e.g. doing any of the following on CLINICAL TRIALS: recruiting, consenting, protocol management, data management, regulatory submissions…
Is this a clinical trial*?
*A research study in which one or more human subjects are prospectively assigned to one or more interventions (which may include placebo or other control) to evaluate the effects of those interventions on health-related biomedical or behavioral outcomes.
If adding
Interacting with Subjects
Completed Training
click training titles for more information
Adding personnel who do not have the required training
may represent Serious Noncompliance.

Current CITI Certification
from Emory or CHOA:
Yes Removing (n/a)
Required for all study personnel.

Key Concepts: Yes n/a
Required for PIs and Co-Is involved in clinical trials; includes research fellows acting as investigators.

Intro to Clinical Research: Yes n/a
Required for personnel who function in the role of a clinical research coordinator (e.g. recruiting, consenting, protocol management, data management, regulatory submissions, etc). Thus, it may apply to personnel who are not technically listed as coordinators, such as residents and fellows.
Person making request:
Requester role: PI or Co-Investigator
Requester email:
receipt will be sent here

Upon submission you will see a confirmation page, if not, the IRB did not receive the request. Certain versions of Internet Explorer are known to cause this error. Please try a different browser, computer, or mobile device.