Stamping Template & Guidance

Document Stamping Template   

(Template with Expiration Date, if required)

  • This template is to be used for Consents, HIPAA Authorization forms, Verbal consents, Assents, Information sheets, Scripts and Revocation letters
  • All IRB stamped documents must have a version date in the footer
  • Each document must be uploaded individually. Do not combine into one document. For example, the HIPAA authorization is one document and the Revocation letter is one document.
PLEASE NOTE: The header should not be edited, but the footer should. You should edit the footer to include any study specific information such as:
  • version information for the consent/assent/HIPAA document
  • site specific information (for example, VA requirements)
  • document name
  • page number
  • subject initials

To copy an existing document onto the stamping template

  • Open the template
  • Open your document
  • Copy your document (edit - select all)
  • Paste the contents of your document into the template

Save the template with the name of your document. 

PLEASE NOTE: Formatting errors sometimes occur when copying existing documents onto the template. Please look over your documents prior to sending them to the IRB for review.

To copy the header into an existing document

  • Open the template
  • Double-click in the header
  • Select the entire headers
  • Copy the header
  • Go to the header of your document
  • Click paste

PLEASE NOTE: Do not try to copy the individual fields, you need to copy the entire header table.

Additional Guidance

  • Please remember to download a New, Fresh Document stamping template EVERY time one is needed. Please do not re-use already stamped headers. eIRB provides the IRB with a mechanism to have the system place the approval information automatically into the document header. Manually entering information into the header interferes with this function.
  • When submitting revised documents to the IRB, please be sure to include a clean copy for stamping along with a tracked changes copy for review.
  • Your may retrieve your approved document from the system by clicking on the "Documents" tab in the Approved Study Workspace. This tab will always contain the currently approved version of the document.