Western IRB (WIRB)

What is the Western IRB?

WIRB is a commercial IRB that is not affiliated with Emory University. Learn more at www.wirb.com

How do I pronounce "WIRB"?

Rhymes with "blurb." Many people call the organization "WIRB" for short.

What is the Emory IRB's role in WIRB-reviewed studies?

The Emory IRB will verify that all local institutional requirements are met, including study team training requirements, ancillary committee reviews, Office of Quality, etc. 

What can be sent to WIRB?

All NEW Phase I-through-IV drug or analogous device studies that are industry-designed, initiated, and sponsored will be sent to WIRB for review (with a few exceptions listed below). Emory will not be the IRB of record for these studies.  Note, the Emory IRB reserves the right to withhold any new research study from being sent to WIRB.

Studies that cannot be sent to WIRB:

  • Investigator-initiated
  • Cooperative Group
  • Federally Funded
  • PI holds the IND/IDE
  • Those of which any member of the research team has a Conflict of Interest in the project.
  • Those with the Atlanta VAMC or Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) as a study site.


Please see here: WIRB Fees (Please note: Emory charges an administrative fee of $550, plus 30% indirect cost, for all WIRB initial review submissions.)

WIRB Submission Process:

STEP 1- To determine eligibility for submission to WIRB, send  the Form A (WIRB Eligibility Checklist) to the Emory IRB via the WIRB listserv. The Emory IRB will send an e-mail within 2 business days notifying the study team of eligibility, and if eligible, providing access to a specialized eIRB smartform for the study team to complete. See next steps below.

STEPS 2A and 2B can be done in parallel:

 STEP 2A- Study team will submit the study directly to WIRB using WIRB Connexus.  Note, WIRB will not review the study until they receive a sign-off re: the completion of local requirements from the Emory IRB. 

STEP 2B– Study team will need to complete a specialized eIRB submission for the study (see "WIRB Forms" section at bottom, for the WIRB smartform guidance). Once Emory IRB has determined that all local institutional requirements have been met (e.g. departmental review, ancilllary approvals such as radiation safety, and human subjects training for all investigators), it will email WIRB to let them know they can proceed with their review. 

STEP 3- Once WIRB has received a completed WIRB application and the Emory IRB sign-off, it will review the study.  Once the study is approved, WIRB will place an institutional hold on the study, until Emory IRB can verify that the Office of Quality Checklist has been completed or is not applicable to this study. 

STEP 4- Once Emory IRB has released the institutional hold for an approved study, the approved study documents are available via WIRB Connexus.  After your study is approved, WIRB will be the IRB of record for the life of the study.  All communication regarding the study will be between the Investigator and WIRB.  No further updates will need to be done via eIRB. The study team can download documents for amendments, continuing reviews, and reportable events at www.wirb.com.

What consent and HIPAA authorization forms should I use for my WIRB study?

Emory and WIRB have agreed on a combined consent/HIPAA template, which can be found on the Emory IRB website, on the WIRB Forms section of this page.  Please note that any deviations from the template language will need to be reviewed and approved by the Emory IRB. 

How can I check the status of my submission once the study has been submitted to WIRB?

You will receive notification from WIRB once they have received your submission. For all inquiries, please contact WIRB directly at 1-800-562-4789 or or email clientservices@wirb.com.

Once my study is enrolling, to whom do I report unanticipated problems involving risk to participants or others,  serious adverse events, and/or noncompliance?

Please report all of the above to WIRB. You can view instructions and download forms from their website at www.wirb.com.

Where should I submit amendment, renewal, and close-out requests?

Please report all of the above to WIRB. You can view instructions and download forms from their website at www.wirb.com.

Emory WIRB Contacts

WIRB Contact

Christopher Gennai, CIP (Senior Account Manager, Institutions) 

Office: (800) 562-4789 | Fax: (360) 252-2498
cgennai@wirb.com  | www.wirb.com 

WIRB Forms

  • Form A- WIRB Eligibility Checklist (ver. 9-27-16). No study may be submitted to WIRB until Emory IRB has verified WITB-eligibility via this checlist.
  • Emory-WIRB Consent/HIPAA Template (ver. 04-25-2016). Note on "Costs" language: if you choose to submit your study before the Emory IRB has verified the correct "Costs" language, please use Option#2 which is the most commonly selected (unless you have other reason to know the likely Option choice, e.g. very similar prior study with same Sponsor). For Injury language, you can ask the Sponsor what they believe the most likely Option will be or base your guess on past experience.
  • WIRB Smartform Guidance (ver. 9-27-16). This shows what parts of the Emory eIRB smartform must be completed to allow Emory IRB to provide our administrative sign-off to WIRB.