National Cancer Institute - Central IRB Website

What does NCI CIRB Review?

The NCI CIRB may review the following type of studies, please see the NCI CIRB Participant's Area for more detailed information on eligible studies.

  • Adult CIRB - Late Phase Emphasis - reviews NCI-sponsored adult phase 3 and large phase 2 studies
  • Adult CIRB - Early Phase Emphasis - reviews NCI-sponsored adult phase 0, 1, and 2 studies
  • Pediatric CIRB - reviews NCI-sponsored pediatric studies of all phases

What is the Role of the Emory IRB for NCI CIRB studies?

The Emory IRB facilitates meeting local Emory study requirements, such as:

  • Clinical Trial Readiness Checklist
  • Key Points Summary
  • Required institutional consent language (e.g., Cost and Injury)
  • HIPAA Review
  • Education and Certification
  • Any other local requirements

How to Get Started?

Contact Ashton Hughes, Anna Lum or Ameenah Lashley to get access to the NCI CIRB Participant's Area. The NCI requires the following information to gain access:

Personnel Name:*
Personnel Degree:*
Personnel Email:*
CTEP Person ID:*
Personnel Telephone*
Role* PI Research Staff
Requester email:*

Note: This information will be submitted to NCI CIRB by the Emory IRB. Once NCI CIRB processes the request, a separate email with login information will be sent to the new personnel’s email address.

Upon submission you will see a confirmation page,
if not, the IRB did not receive the request.

If you already have access to the Participant's Area and would like to start a study with the NCI CIRB:

Please review the General Guidance for NCI CIRB studies.

Study teams should contact Ashton HughesAnna Lum or Ameenah Lashleyto request access to the abbreviated eIRB Smartform template. Please include the PI's name, study title, coordinator, and if the study involves pediatric subjects.

Once you receive access to the abbreviated template, you will only be required to complete certain designated sections that pertain to CIRB studies.  Once the requested sections are complete, please submit as per usual to trigger any necessary ancillary approvals.

To see which sections of the eIRB smartform need to be completed, please see this document.


For questions about the NCI CIRB and the Emory IRB, please contact Rebecca Rousselle at