Conducting Human Research Studies at the Atlanta VA


The Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center research program is affiliated with Emory University in Atlanta, GA. In addition to Emory IRB approval, the Atlanta VA requires a separate approval process for conducting human subject research. The Atlanta Research and Education Foundation, Inc. (AREF) provides guidance to researchers interested in conducting clinical research at the Atlanta VA Medical Center.

On that webpage, you will see that the AVAMC has different and/or additional policies for many research-related activities. There are specific VA:

  • CITI and other training modules (see "Appointments and Credentialing" section at left)
  • Oversight offices (like Radiation Safety, Biosafety, Research and Development Committee)
  • Requirements to ensure that research is relevant to Veterans, and if non-veterans are recruited, there is adequate justification
  • Financial Conflict of Intest form (Emory investigators must also do annual and update disclosures in the Emory COI system as well)
  • Rules and a worksheet for collaborations between VA and non-VA sites ("collaborative research")
  • New investigator forms
  • Data security rules and forms
  • Disclosure accounting forms (for HIPAA purposes)
  • Policies on recruiting and recruitment materials
  • Records storage policies
  • Study start-up checklists and sign-offs
  • Informed consent and HIPAA templates
  • Device and drug accountability procedures, pharmacy procedures
  • Study monitor visit procedures
  • Protocol deviation, noncompliance, and reportable event guidelines
  • Policies on Tissue Banking and Data Repositories (including IRB submission requirements)
  • Other policies, forms, and regulations

There are people and offices ready to help you navigate VA research. Please see the "Help and Contacts" page at left.