New to Emory?

If you are a new investigator at Emory, we encourage you to make an appointment with the IRB to take stock of your studies and prepare a plan for a smooth transfer of your research projects. Please visit the About page for general contact information and a list of IRB staff, or send us an email at

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What's New at the IRB?

Webinar on Internet Research Ethics

On August 14, 2014, at Noonthe Emory IRB will deliver a webinar on the topic of internet research ethics.  A link to the live webinar, as well as recordings of each webinar, are available on the Webinars page.

Keeping Your Consent Forms Current!

If your study has not updated its consent/HIPAA form for the last year or so, here are things you may wish to or need to do before your study is renewed:
  • Assent forms can now be signed by minors through age 18, so the 17-year old assent signature line should be removed from the parental permission form. Until this is complete and approved by the IRB, you may continue to use the 17-year-old assent line.
  • Separate consent and HIPAA forms? If you will be enrolling for more than another year, please combine by using our latest combo template (prevents HIPAA compliance issues). 
  • Does your project have optional substudies? These must be reflected in separate sections of the HIPAA form, as shown in our template (combine with a move to the combo consent/HIPAA form if you still have separate forms).
  • Expiration dates may be removed from all consent headers (on the unstamped documents), no need to update version date or do an amendment for this; this is considered an administrative change. IRB staff can assist with this at renewal time. Please let your analyst know if the sponsor requests that expiration date remain.

Remember, using new version dates is the best way to keep track of of changes to approved consent documents.

Webinar on Research Specimen Banking

The IRB will deliver a concise webinar on the topic of regulatory aspects of banking research specimens.  The presentation cover matters of identifiability, usage of samples for further research, and touch on possible upcoming changes to the regulations. The presentation will take place on Thursday July 10, at 12:00 pm (noon).  A link to the live webinar, as well as recordings of each webinar, will be available on the Webinars page.

More details and archived items on the News page