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New to Emory?

If you are a new investigator at Emory, we encourage you to make an appointment with the IRB to take stock of your studies and prepare a plan for a smooth transfer of your research projects. Please visit the About page for general contact information and a list of IRB staff, or send us an email at irb@emory.edu.

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What's New at the IRB?

eIRB Briefly Offline on Friday (9/23/16) at 5 PM

Please be aware that eIRB will be briefly offline starting at 5 PM on Friday, September 23, 2016. The system is expected to be available again around 10 p.m. on Friday, though it could take until early Saturday morning. Users are advised to save all work and exit the system prior to 5 PM to avoid losing any work. After that time, a login will be unavailable until it is safe to reenter the system. If you have questions about eIRB maintenance, you may contact the IRB at irb@emory.edu or 404-712-0720.

What is the IRB accepting as valid Clinical Research Training Certificates (formerly Key Concepts/Intro to Clinical Research)?

The IRB is still requiring the submission of Key Concepts/Intro to Clinical Research training certificates with IRB applications.  The IRB will accept CITI GCP or CITI Clinical Coordinators training certificates from research staff who took the training after June 1, 2016. For people who did not take GCP after June 1, 2016, or never took Key concepts training/certification has expired, they may provide an older GCP training certificate only if it was taken after June 1, 2013.  If you have any questions, please contact Maria Davila at maria.davila@emory.edu

IRB Webinar on Genetic Research and Informed Consent

On September 8. 2016 at 11 am, the Emory IRB will deliver a concise webinar on general informed consent considerations in genetic research.  The presentation will be about 30 minutes long with a live question and answer session.  A link to the webinar, as well as recordings of each webinar, will be available at the webinar's page.

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