eIRB Page Level Help

This is our page-level help for eIRB smartforms.

We provide guidance here for each question on each page of the smartform.  

(Note: for external IRB/"XIRB" submissions, please see our Collaborative Research page instead.)

For Instructional videos, please go to our eIRB Training tab.

For instructions on obtaining an eIRB account, click here. 

Need old approval letters or access the record in the old eIRB for a migrated study? Review this guideYou now have a link under the study history in eIRB that will take you to the old record.  If you were not part of the study team member when the study migrated, you will not have access to this function. If you are part of the study team now, ask your IRB coordinator (AKA study analyst) to add you.

Ancillary reviewers (including department reviewers): see this video to know how to submit your reviews

Short version:

  1. You will get an eIRB notification email when assigned a review. Click the link to the study from within the email.
  2. Click the "View Study" button (top left of screen) to look at the study smartform. Click "Exit" after scrolling through the smartform and opening any attachments desired.
  3. Then click 'Submit Ancillary Review" link (left side of screen) and complete the items in the popup window.

For page level help select the links below for each application: