Meet the Team

All analysts process both biomedical and socio-behavioral studies, but those with a more socio-behavioral focus are denoted by "SHB". Renewals are abbreviated as "CRs".

Research Protocol Analysts

Jackson Parker, BA, CIPSr. Research Protocol Analyst(404) 727-1674
Sam Roberts, BA, CIPSr. Research Protocol Analyst (SHB)(404) 712-0761
Daniel Roysden, PH.D., ThM - VA LiasonSr. Research Protocol Analyst(404) 712-9749
VacantSr. Research Protocol Analyst (SHB)(404) 712-0736
Anisha Thompson, MPH, CIPSr. Research Protocol Analyst(404) 712-8548
VacantSr. Research Protocol Analyst
Michelle Kalbeitzer, MSIOPResearch Protocol Analyst
Patricia Leslie, BAResearch Protocol AnalystTBD
Ksenia Lyon, MPAResearch Protocol Analyst(404) 712-8549
Joy Shugart, M.EdResearch Protocol Analyst
VacantResearch Protocol Analyst
Skyler Tordoya Henckell, BSResearch Protocol Analyst(404) 727-9617
Chelsea Cassara, BSAnalyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB)(404) 712-9721
VacantAnalyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB)
Matthew DeHaaiAnalyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB)(404)-712-8729
Jennifer HardrickAnalyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB)(404) 712-6486
Beth PoplaskiAnalyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB/Reliance)(404) 727-1510